happy mother's day

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Happy Mother's Day to the best mama I could've asked for!
You've taught me what it means to be a woman of grace, love, respect and so, so much more!
I love you so very much, thank you for everything that you do. Here's to you mom!
All my love,
PS: sorry it's a day late...too busy celebrating with dr. dre beats speakers and Jillian Michaels with my awesome mama. 

mama-to-be. emily

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Hello all! 

As most of you probably know, tomorrow is Mother's Day! A wonderful holiday dedicated entirely towards honoring the moms of the world. Those who are there for everything... I can't think of anything more special than getting to celebrate the moms in my life! 
This year is very special because my dear friend Emily is going to be a mom soon. I am truly so excited for this sweet couple...mostly because I will get a cute baby boy or girl to spoil and love on. When I stop to think about how much joy they are going to bring into their baby's life, gosh, it just melts my heart. They are going to be amazing parents. 
Motherhood. It seems so distant to my personal life, but it's such a treasure and pure thing that I couldn't let it go without having the new mama-to-be share her thoughts on motherhood. I adore you, Em, you're gonna be one great mama! 
Please enjoy my sweet friend's words.
[in case you can't tell, the mama-to-be is the adorable blond; I'm working the bangs and the mimosa]

“Looks like you ate a pumpkin and forgot to spit out the seeds,” remarked an gentle old man donned in overalls as he passed me picking through some dusty books at an Antique Shop. I am caught off guard at the innocent whimsy sometimes lost on those who have many more days on this earth than most. Elated at his observation, I look down at my belly and suppose that this man has made a fairly accurate judgment of my growing bump. “Three more months,” I tell him and remind myself.

I’m telling you right now, I NEED to meet the little person who has turned my life on its head. I have spent the last six months imagining who this person is and who they will be. So far motherhood has been quite a mystery. It is surreal to know that this year I am included in the Mother’s Day celebration at the ripe age of 23. In different pockets of my day when I catch myself in the mirror or find myself resting my hands on my belly, or when I feel a nudge somewhere in the space I’m holding for him or her, I’m hit with the question of ‘how is this happening?’ It would be nice to rest my mind on the clever and simple pumpkin theory, it really would. Mysterious, and lovely, and trying, and scary; those are my first tastes of motherhood, but clever and simple have not been a part of my world in quite a while.

I am wrapping my head and my heart around this fact of motherhood, because try as I might it is not a notion, or an idea, or a principle I can think on and manipulate and cater to my comfort. The fact is that I was mother to this little nugget before I could determine whether or not I was ready and prepared. For me, motherhood began with trembling prayers and adrenaline pumping through my veins. Through this confrontation on all my senses I am learning how to press into the gift of being a mom and all of the beauty that goes with the sacrifice and responsibility.

The amazing thing is that independent of my fear and lack of qualifications Baby is still bravely growing, and learning, and living. The Lord is crafting us in different but equally intense ways.  With this in mind I tell my heart to leap into what I have been given because the Lord is mercifully allowing Baby to have a swing at life and be a partaker in His glory. He is allowing this Baby to exist just as He allowed me to 23 short years ago. By existing we get to behold so much. We discover the bliss of innocence and what it means to fall from it. We get to feel the earth catch us in crippling pain and appreciate the exhilarating joy of healing. We have seasons of weakness and strength, lessons learned, and beauty discovered in the scars. All grace. I can’t let myself think too far past finger painting, soap in the eyes, thunderstorms, and bruised knees just yet.

I look forward to the first introductions of the world to my child. I know I won’t be able to protect him or her from what it offers, more importantly the tyke will need to be equipped with what he or she will need to embrace and struggle with it. This is a freeing and glorious revelation because our short lives are not in vain and the truth is, the best is yet to come. With that rooted in my heart I can whisper to Baby with confidence, ‘I’m in, if you’re in.’ : )

sick day

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why hello there! 

Long time no see huh? Well so many things have happened within the last month that I've barely had time to take a breath! All exciting and fun things...just chaotic. That's life though isn't it? A crazy mess of beautiful moments. I turned another year older, I visited Texas, I celebrated my friends becoming a mom and dad to be, I made important life decisions....Needless today it has been one of those blink and you'll miss it months! I'm sorry for my absence; I have not abandoned the blogging! Just took a little month hiatus...all it took was this sick bug to force me to set down and catch up. 

Get ready for a fun month and summer! Lots of exciting things to catch up on! 


happy birthday mama

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Today is my wonderful mom's birthday! I'm so extremely blessed to have her in my life, and I hope she knows how loved she is by her family, friends and anyone who's path she crosses.
Happy Birthday Mama! Have an amazing day! You've earned it!


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thursday inspiration

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I came across this really inspiring article this morning and thought I would share it with y'all. It's work the read and is guarenteed to leave you feeling light and happy! It is directed to us 20-somethings, but I think everyone can connect to something it says.
from [restoredstyle.com]

happy spring

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hello spring.
I've been ready for you! It's about time you've come around! Ironically enough, the forecast calls for snow tomorrow....but that will not stop me from having myself a little celebration that it is finally here! Yummy pastels, flowers, the sweet smell after rain....it's all arrived! I've always loved spring...the freshness of it is so reassuring. The flowers bloom again, the rain comes and washes away the dreariness of winter, and everything is clean and pure again. I hope everyone has the happiest one yet!